What.We.Wore.Wednesday {Mama + Baby in Prints}

{Mixing Prints}

Since mixing prints is trending this season, I decided to give it a whirl.  Mind you, I always thought this was a huge, no-no 

Mixing prints= hot mess! 

But, after seeing fellow fashion bloggers do this, I noticed that it can be done tastefully. 

I felt a bit out of my comfort zone today; but, I received quite a few compliments on my outfit.  So, I think I pulled it off even though I have a few “tweaks” in mind for next time

Miss Sophia is also “trending” in her polka dot pants!  How adorable are they?! Her shirt is one of my favorites and I love how I can cuff her sleeves on her jacket!  My lil fashionista <3


Keep the following in mind when mixing prints:

  • Make sure you have one common color.  In my case, it would be “blue.”   
  • Combine loose prints with structured prints. Loose print- top, structured print-pants.
  • Blend small designs with larger-scale ones. Small design- top, larger- pants (I would consider my pants “medium size print”)
  • No more than two prints. You don’t want to “over do it” because then you’re making your way to “hot mess” status 😉
My Outfit details:
Wedge Sandals: Marshalls
Bubble Necklace: Ebay
Earrings: Everyday Icing Accessory Auction
Watch: MK
Bracelets: Kohl’s and Everyday Icing Accessory Auction

Sophia’s Outfit details:
Pants: Baby Gap
Shirt: Target
Denim Jacket: Children’s Place
Shoes: Stride Rite

How did you think I did? 
Have any of you tried mixing prints?
Special thanks to my daddy for taking our pictures and providing fun with some bubbles <3

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