W.W.W.W. {Mama+Baby+Kate Spade}

What.We.Wore.Wednesday.  {mama+baby}

She loves going outside!

 Sophia’s Outfit: 
Fleece: Old Navy
Pants: Old Navy
White Onesie: Carter’s
Pink Shirt: Kohl’s
Shoes: Stride Right

My Outfit:
Blazer: Kohl’s
Pink Cardigan: Victoria’s Secret
Scarf: Macy‘s
Jeans: F21
Boots: Nine West
{Kate Spade}
I was going to wait another day to post this but I am so excited about our new diaper bag.  If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen I’ve been on the prowl for a new diaper bag for a while now.  
I finally found one today at the Kate Spade Outlet in Woodbury Commons, and I’m very happy with our investment!
It was a hard decision.  
I really, really liked this one:

 I was so close to buying this until Andrew and the sales associate reminded me how hard this may be to clean since it’s a lightcanvas material.  I‘m just so drawn to it because it isspringy” and “fun” looking.  Plus, I love the shoulder strap/cross body feature.

But we walked out of Kate Spade with this baby!
Picture doesn’t do much justice.. It’s gorgeous

Does this NOT scream “Heather & Sophia”?!

Reasons why I chose this bag over the one above:
It’s nylon material- much easier to clean and won’t show dirt
It’s WIDE.. I love being able to open up a bag and see just about everything.  

I want you to show you a comparison between my old Coach bag and the new KS bag.

Coach bag filled.  By the way, I don’t have a ton of stuff in here

Notice how it looks like it’s “bulging” and it won’t zipper.

Here is the same stuff but in the new bag
Look how much room I still have?!  Plus, I can see EVERYTHING!

It has: one large pocket (book, clothes, wallet) two large outside pockets (will hold keys, bib, pens, toys, etc), two side pockets (diapers and boogie wipes), one large elastic pocket (wipes and diaper pad), two pockets on the ends (sippy cup/bottle), and it has a zipper closure.

Here she is all zippered. So pretty!
Love the stroller strap feature!
Notice in the picture below, there’s the pink diaper pad- it’s much bigger than the Coach one and it’s more compact- it rolls up and fits nicely in the bag.
Showing off the diaper pad
Great size!

I was concerned about whether or not this would be “too bulky” to handle since it didn’t have a cross body strap.  I think it’s doable. You can also use the stroller strap to give yourself more room.
Stroller Strap
I also purchased this gorgeous cobalt blue large wallet/organizer. I’m going to carry this and throw it in the new bag.. See how “this system” works out.
I spy Sophia 🙂
My phone fits nicely in here as well..
Ohh.. I was also able to fit in this Vera Bradly lunch box.. Score!!

 How stinkin’ cute is the bottom of this bag?

The Kate Spade Outlet is having an amazing sale at the moment.  All bags and wallets, excluding clearance items, are 40% off PLUS an additional 20%.   This diaper bag was on clearance, so it was only 40% off; but, I did receive the additional 20% off the wallet.

I walked out of Kate Spade spending under $220.  Let me tell you that the diaper bag is originally priced $229 and the wallet @ $125.. Deal- ABSOLUTELY!!!

I’m hoping (as I know, Andrew is too) this bag will last me A WHILE!  It seems like Kate Spade accessories are quality pieces and I’m looking forward to carrying this beautiful piece of arm candy.

She’s my favorite piece of arm candy 🙂
My shopping buddies!

Thoughts on the new bag?  I feel like it should be named as I have a tendency to name my bags.. I was thinking,  “Oh là là.”  Thoughts?

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  • Deb

    Love it Heather!!! Makes me want that over the Coach Diaper Bag now.

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