Nurseries {Trends, Decor, DIY}

I am so excited about this blog entry!  
We have a bunch of great nurseries to showcase!!   Check them out along with five current trends in nursery decor and DIY projects/ideas that you can consider when designing or updating your baby’s nursery.
This is a trend I’ve seen that is the most unique way to
 personalize a room. 
More pictures of this nursery from a very talented Momma below!
Thank you Born To Wear Diamonds Mommy, Vincenza and baby girl, GiaBella!

A Born to Wear Diamonds Momma submission
Bold Accents:
 Curtain, rug, crib, accent wall
A Born to Wear Diamonds Momma’s inspiration for her baby girl’s nursery!
Make it Personal:
Baby’s monogram, initials or name
My baby girl’s crib!
Paper Lanterns/Tissue Pom Poms:
Paper lanterns in Sophia’s room

Changing Table Fun
Mirrors or pictures are great for baby to look at when changing his/her diaper
Sophia’s changing area
If you are not artistically inclined like me, vinyl decals are wonderful!  They are easy to install and remove.  They range in price, $7.00 (ebay) to $150 (Etsy).
Love vinyl sayings!
More Tiffany inspiration!
This is a very cost-friendly way to accent a room!
Great websites for inspiration:
Pinterest  (of course)

Now, I’d like to show you the best nursery I have ever seen that was designed by someone I actually know!!  This is my friend Rachelle’s nursery for her son, Connor. Andrew and I met Rachelle and her husband while on our honeymoon.  When Rachelle posted these pictures, my jaw literally dropped and hit the keyboard.  She is so talented see for yourself!
Connor’s, Dr. Seuss, themed nursery:


Unbelievable, right?!  
Rachelle told me this took her about a month (few weekends and an hour or so during the week) to complete, from start to finish.  Even though she had the overhead projector, most of the drawing were done free hand (ohh emmm gee).  As for the adorable accessories, she searched long and hard online and even created some (Connor’s striped letters) when needed.
She said if she were to have a girl, the nursery would have a different theme.  I can’t even begin imagine how beautiful that nursery would look!  
Thank you Rachelle, Vincenza, Gwen and Deb for sharing your
nursery pictures!

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