Let’s Play Pretend!

Let’s pretend that $1,000 magically came into my life and I could spend it on: me, myself, and I! 

What would I purchase?  
Hmmmm…. Let's Play Pretend

As you can see, I do love my accessories!!! I did go over my $1,000 budgetBut, I’m sure I would have had some sort of coupon for one of my lovely items!  
If you could be completely selfish for just one day, what would you buy?
Oh, Sophia would have everything here, just in her size 😉

1. I am loving the J.Crew Pave bracelet.  It is such a classic and versatile piece!
2. J.Crew Etta Cap Toe Pumps- Classic pair of pumps. (Heather proof heels, too)
3. Every girl must own a pair of Tory Burch flats.. One day.. On sale, of course!
4. I would take a navy Michael Kors anything!
5. Classic pair of Ray-Ban aviators!

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