Capture those moments {Maternity Pics are a Must}

Recently, a mommy from the Born to Wear Diamonds Facebook page asked me if she should have maternity photos taken.  She’s feelin’ a bit on the “way prego” side but she does not want to “regret” not having them taken.

My answer to her, DEFINITELY GET THE PICTURES TAKEN!!  You will regret not having them done!!

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a photo-taking/flash-in-your face/capture the moment mommy.  I probably take at least one – two pictures of Sophia per day.  She knows how to work the camera and most of the time, she doesn’t mind!

I also told that mommy that the key to feeling “great” during the shoot is to make sure you’re wearing a comfortable outfit and throw on those accessories!

Typically, maternity photos are taken in your 31-34ish weeks of pregnancy.  I had mine taken at 31 weeks.  

Of course, I was on Pinterest 24/7 searching for photo ideas.  I fell in love with this one, 

and this too!

I showed these images to our friend who is an amazing photographer, Gary, from Christine Studios (Congrats to him for the newest addition to his family, Logan James!) and he was able to incorporate these ideas into the shoot.  Take a look! 

Love, Love, Love!!

I always try to incorporate our interests and personalities into anything/everything.  Since Andrew has his own DJ company, Enriquez Entertainment, we had to incorporate his love for music.

Sophia was boppin’ to the beats!

Of course, my pride and joy needed to be included, Louie!
(Obviously, pre-Sophia)

Louis Vuitton <3
Plus the pictures were taken at our home
Outside our home in the apple orchard
Taken in Sophia’s room

So, if you’re ever questioning getting pictures taken for any occassion, my answer to you is, YES!  Newborn photos are great, too! You want to capture that moment!  You want to be able to look back weeks, months, and years after and take a stroll down memory lane.  I do it often at night thanks to my Iphone.  I currently have 1,650 photos on it 🙂

Speaking of getting pictures taken, we are in the process of finding a photographer to photograph Sophia’s first birthday photos and cake smash.  Between Andrew and I, we contacted at least six photographers in the area.  We just about narrowed it down; we only have 25 days until the big O-N-E!  OMG, deep breaths

A little inspiration.. so stinkin’ cute! 

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