When going maternity clothes shopping, you should..

I have the privilege of being friends with several (five at the moment) “Mommies-to-be” who are expecting this year and I am beyond excited for them!  I can’t wait to meet every single one of these babies!!  Currently two girls, two boys and one surprise!

As I was chatting to one MTB, who loves to shop, (LC Lauren Conrad Collection is among her favorites) she had this to say: 

“I was walking through the mall today and saw all the pretty spring clothes and then it dawned on me… There’s going to be to whole shopping season where I can’t wear any of it..  I almost cried!  You need to write a blog on how to make shopping fun when you feel like 500 pounds.” 

My first assignment!!  How exciting!

I thought long and hard about this.  

How to make shopping fun when you feel like 500 pounds- that can most certainly be challenging.  But, I think I may have some suggestions that may turn those “I’m so fat” tears into “those” tears<- You know, when you’re crying for no reason; it happened to me all the time when I was pregnant with Sophia.

When going maternity clothes shopping, you should:
6. Be excited!! You finally have an excuse to buy clothes!!  I couldn’t wait to go shopping because I didn’t have to think “Do I really need this?” Um.. yes, I do, thank you very much!

5. Plan: Make sure you plan a day to go shopping, this way you can prepare yourself mentally and/or physicallyKnow you’re going to spend some time trying on several pants and tops to figure out what feels comfortable.  Don’t rush through it- it will only cause you to become frustrated then you may get hungry (see #2). Physically- hit up the gym or do some yoga beforehand– you’ll feel so much better about yourself! 

4. Have someone go with you. Think of it like a buddy system.  Whether it’s your baby’s daddy, best friend, mother, whomever, make sure you have someone there to tell YOU, “You look fantastic!”  Hopefully this person will KNOW you’re feeling like a whale and will make you feel like a Victoria’s Secret model!   If you have no one to go with you- I’d be happy to join you, Sophia too! 🙂

3. Buy what makes you feel beautiful! Even if you have to splurge just once. I recommend purchasing one good pair of jeans and leggins! I lived in these on weekends.  I still wear my maternity leggins..

2. Bring a healthy snack. One of the two may occur: You get hungry or you get stressed.  In my case, stressing often led to eating. So if you’re eating a healthy snack, you won’t feel bad that you’re eating! I often became “hangry.” < When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both.

1. Remember, you are Beautiful and Gorgeous! Your body is doing an amazing thing, you‘re growing a baby or babies!  Even though you may feel like a whale, just remember you will be welcoming a beautiful bundle(s) of joy who will truly change your life forever.   

Feelin’ pretty large at 38 weeks!

I’m sure there are other suggestions to keep in mind while shopping but these came to my mind. Please feel free to leave suggestions below, I’d love to hear them!!

Since this post was a bit lengthy, I’m going to have a separate post just for tips on where to buy maternity clothes, specifically inexpensive stores/brands.   Thank you mamas who left some suggestions via Facebook!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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