“Go to” + Weekend

This has been my “go to” outfit for the past few “going out/looking pretty” occasions.  It’s so comfy and I love the sparkle*

Shirt: Macy’s
Leggings: Sam’s Club (Crazy, right?!)
Boots: Target
Watch: MK
Bangle & Necklace: Premier Designs

We met our friends, Elise and John for dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Andiamos.  If you love Italian food and enjoy a beautiful and ambiance, I highly recommend Andiamos!

John, Elise (she has beautiful eyes, just not open..lol), Sophia and Andrew after dinner!

Elise and John are expecting their first son, Jake, in late May.   Elise looks radiant and has herself an adorable baby bump!  She told me she’s enjoying every moment of this special time- even her weird craving for milk! lol.. She has the typical “miss my skinny days” moments but I reassured her it’s all worth it in the end, especially when Jake is rockin’ his Nike and Jordan kicks! 🙂 

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