Five Month Project – Well Worth the Wait! DIY

I’ve taken on quite a few DIY projects within the past year or so, but there’s nothing like the one I’m going to share with you now.  It was my first ever DIY project for our home that I made two years ago.  This was actually before “DIY” became so popular.
I think this project helped make or living room a bit more homier and most certainly made our house a “home.”

Anywho,  I took one of my favorite pictures from our wedding:
Enlarged it to 24×36 using (great website for blowing up photos, highly recommend it!)
Purchased nine 8×10 expresso picture frames from Michaels (before Hobby Lobby came into my life)
I cut the picture into nine 8×10 sections. I was able to trim three inches from the top and bottom
The project took me five months to complete!!  I had the hardest time trying to find nine of the same picture frames at Michaels.  Either the frames had very noticeable scratches in the wood or the coloring was “off” just a bit.  It was so frustrating!! 
I was inspired by a picture collage I saw on HGTV’s website similar to this one:
Since I’m on a picture collage kick- I’ll share with you the newest display.  Unfortunately, this is not a DIY project.  I tried so hard to do it on my own but I couldn’t find the right canvas sizes on Mpix, Shutterfly, or Snapfish to fit the dimensions of my wall.   
So I did some searching and came across this phenomenal website, Canvas on Demand.  Here I was able to find a template that included dimensions and you can insert the pictures into the template.  I am a “visual” person so I LOVED this feature. 
 This site is a bit pricey, but if you “like” them on Facebook, you get a 50% off coupon code! I was sold after that!!   
The display took about two weeks to arrive because I placed my order right after the holidays.  I exchanged a few emails with customer service about a few concerns I had with some of my images; they were so attentive and polite.  They reminded me if I wasn’t happy with my purchase, I can get a 100% refund, guaranteed!  That’s unheard of- especially since it’s a “custom” product.
I was so thrilled when the packages arrived- I believe I jumped up and down with excitement (very typical).  Andrew and I went through all the canvases to make sure there were no damage.  They were wrapped in foam-like packing.
Here’s the wall before:
(Yes, I know that frame is so tiny on that wall- I hated it!)


I had a difficult time trying to pick out seven pictures.   As you know, I snap pictures ALL THE TIME so narrowing it down to seven was pretty challenging.  I decided to go with a maternity picture (center), an one week old pic (top middle), six week old pic (bottom middle) and the rest are 6-7 months old.
A fellow Mommy friend of mine gave me a wonderful idea of doing this for Sophia’s first birthday.  That may certainly be a possibility; I have plenty of wall space to fill 🙂
If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.  
Thanks for reading 🙂

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