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One of the reasons why I wanted to create this blog was to share my mommy experiences with the hopes other mommies can learn, relate or even find comfort in knowing that other mommies may be going through similar situations.  

After posting my Pump, Pump, Pump It Up entry, a Born to Wear Diamonds fan and mommy friend, Courtney (we met at our breathing class) shared her touching experience of having her milk supply deplete, forcing her to stop breastfeeding her handsome little boy, Timmy, at 5 1/2 months.    Thank you, Courtney for sharing your story, I’m glad I’m not the only one who cried to Dr. R 😉  

Aren’t they just the cutest?! 

“I know how you feel. At least you can still pump!! My goal was to breastfeed at least six months but as the months flew by I really enjoyed the mommy & baby bonding time and didn’t want to give it up. I was selfish and wanted his feeding times to stay just me and Timmy!  My experience was a little different but I’ll share!

Timmy was born at 8 lbs, was 12 lbs at 2 months, 11 at 3 months and back up to 12 at 4 months. His pediatrician told me if he didn’t gain weight by his 5 month visit that we would need to do some testing to see what was wrong. Of course Tim & I were devastated! I didn’t get it. He was eating every 3 hours, seemed content after each feeding and slept 8 hours at night since he was 3 weeks old! 

I googled everything and came up with all of the most horrifying scenarios of what could be wrong. Then I decided I would just try and up my supply to see if his nursing habits changed. I would pump for 20 minutes on both sides and only get a total of 1 oz! What good would that do?!?!! 

After two weeks went by and I spent much time on the phone with the Center for Breastfeeding Support, I was freaking out and decided I would go and visit my go to girl (Dr.R). I got there and broke down saying I felt like a failure and asking what I could do to up my supply (so you aren’t alone in the crying to Dr. R department!). There was really nothing I could do except for try herbal supplements, pump more and nurse more.

Nothing worked and after 5 1/2 months I had to make the dreaded switch to formula

Needless to say, it is still a sensitive topic and I truly miss it! My supply just completely depleted. I didn’t even think that was a possibility when I was nursing on demand! I am not a fan of change and it’s bittersweet watching Timmy get bigger…. I loved the little man- I could just hold in my arms all day! Now he weighs 23 lbs and will be ONE in just 3 1/2 weeks!!

I guess being a mommy means we have to learn to embrace change….. so when does it get easy?!”

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