We had a bit of a heat wave here in the northeast, so I decided to go with a light top; threw on a blazer jacket and wah-lah!  I always feel a bit more “fancier” or put together when sporting a blazer.     
By the way, this outfit is totally doable with a little one in tow! 

I will so be rocking this in the spring!
Top:  Macy’s- Anne Klein 
Pants: Victoria’s Secret- Christie Fit (VS has the best “short” lengths)
Blazer: Kohls
Jewelry: Premier Designs (my necklace is simple amazing.. Stay tuned for a “sparkle” post)
Shoes: DSW

 Jake wanted “in” on some camera time!

Update on my diamond girl- So far, no temperature today!! 
She’s still a tired lil mama but I’m glad there’s no more fever!  Fingers crossed it stays that way!!
<3 this picture

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