Our “Pinterest” of a Home

Welcome to the Pinterest.. I mean, Nikola Home!

I think we can all say that you can have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest.com.  I absolutely love  being able to search for anything from teaching strategies, Weight Watchers recipes, first birthday party themes (only a few more months), to maternity photo ideas.  It can be is addicting!

hate having those, “OMG, I have to do this” moments because I seriously stop whatever I’m doing, go out and buy whatever supplies needed and “attempt” the project.. Of course, the timing is impeccable because I should be doing so many other important things like vaccuuming, cleaning the house, organizing closets, yada, yada, yada..  damn you Pinterest!! 😉

I want to thank Pinterest for being there for me during Sophia’s newborn nightly feedings.. Pinterest and Friends kept me sane, awake..

Here are some of my Pinterest inspired projects/ideas I have done.  Feel free to follow me on Pinterest..


Four Chinese lanterns (I made the bottom one)

“Baby Love” letters..  (dried flowers are from Sophia’s baby shower)

Maternity Photo Ideas

I was so proud of myself after completing this project.  I purchased the letters from Hobby Lobby, stained them, and measured the spacing.. Go me!!!
Happy Father’s Day!

Favors from Sophia’s Baptism
DIY Tutus and headbands
These next two project are my most recent; they were actually Christmas gifts to Andrew and Sophia.   I think this is just an adorable way to say, “i love you.”
I took the same concept and created a frame for Sophia.. She obviously can’t read it but we read it to her.. Plus it is a constant reminder to always tell her how much we love her!!

Happy Pinning! 

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