My “Braggy” Mommy Moment.. Warning- Sophia is Amazing!!

After this weekend, I need to have a “braggy mommy” moment.   <— That’s your warning!

Sophia is such a good baby… Like really, she is.  I must have heard it at least a dozen times this weekend alone..  <3 our girl!
I also heard, “Heather, you are so spoiled… I can’t imagine your next one to be as good as Sophia.”


Fingers crossed that when the next Baby Nikola comes, he/she will take after his/her big sister!   

Let me tell you some of the reasons why I’m sharing my braggy mommy moments:

On Saturday, we attended our weekly music class at Mid-Hudson Music Together which she absolutely loves!  Reason # 1: She has her father’s love for music and her mother’s rhythm  😉  I love watching her bop, clap her hands in excitement and pure joy and just smile. It warms my heart.
After music class, we met a friend of mine at Panera Bread, who hasn’t yet met Sophia. Reason # 2: Sophia sat in a high chair in Panera for at least an hour and ate her O’s (Cheerios), people watched and just hung out.  No fussing.
As I was driving home from Panera, I thought to myself that she is not going to be as well behaved tonight; we had dinner plans with friends of ours to celebrate their engagement at a fancy-smancy, NYC feel restaurant in Poughkeepsie, Brasserie 292. <- highly recommend steak frites and banana tart! OMG, Delish!!!
I warned Andrew before we went out to be prepared to be an “one-man-band.” We’ll need to entertain and walk around with Sophia so she doesn’t fuss, taking turns of course.
I was mentally preparing myself in the car ride over… feeling a bit anxious and honestly thinking about steak frites. Btw- i <3 food.  Weight Watchers.. Riiight, not tonight!
Our reservation was at 5:30 and we left 7:30.

Reason # 3: Sophia did not fuss, whine, cry, or anything! She ate, played with her toys, entertained our server and her Uncle Chris (Owner of B292).  She actually had quite the audience herself; but then again, she is her father’s child.

Sophia is such an amazing baby! <- bragging, sorry!

I am kicking myself in the butt for not taking a picture of her being such a well behaved little girl but I was honestly so worried about making sure she was happy and not being “that child” who’s screaming, throwing things and just not a happy camper.

I know she will have “that child” moments; I was certainly expecting them at B292.  But, she surprised me as well as our dinner guests.

“She’s such a good girl.”  Yes, I know!! <- bragging, again!!!

Her amazingness didn’t stop there.  I took her grocery shopping with me yesterday morning at Adams. She helped me pick out apples (she loves Honey Crisp) and made sure all my bags were tied; she loves reaching for bags and oopsie, out goes the pears, zucchini and lettuce!

I remembered to take pictures 🙂
Ok, I’m done bragging now 
Feel free to brag about your little one,  I’d love to hear all about it 😉


  • Courtney

    I am reading every single one of your posts tonight CLEARLY! lol – I love hearing about good babies!!! Luckily Timmy is a great baby too – I think we are just very lucky 🙂 And as such a great mommy you deserve a HUGE pat on the back!

    As long as Timmy is fed he is happy. He's so easy to entertain and thinks EVERYTHING is hilarious! Such a ham…. and the second he gets fussy if you sing the Mickey Mouse "hot dog dance" song a huge smile takes over his face! anyways we are waaaaaaay overdue with getting together with these good little cuties together! Let's actually make it happen!

  • Heather Nikola

    Thanks for reading, Courtney <3

    Yay, Timmy!! I love his smile! It always puts a smile on my face<3

    Honestly, as long as I'm fed, I'm happy, too!!! LOL.. I think I may need to youtube the Mickey Mouse, "Hot dog dance" 😉

    We will most certainly get them together! I can't wait!! Give me a few days to make sure Sophia is getting better, then we'll DEF. plan a play date!

  • Courtney

    Sounds great to me! And I have to agree with being fed and happy – they go hand in hand!

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