First Birthday “Itch”

Well, our baby girl is sick, AGAIN!  This time it’s a bit different; she’s been maintaining a fever for almost two days.  It’s anywhere from 99.1 (I know its not a fever but it’s high for her) to 102 and she has the nonstop runny nose, little cough, glassy eyes and rosy-red cheeks.

My rosy cheeked girl with her bear <3

We took her to the doctor today and she is coming down with the beginning stages of a virus, ugh!!

I am so fed up with these viruses!! I had three so far since September.

Oh, Andrew’s sick, too!  F-U-N!!

After Doc. appointment

Ok.. I’m down whining now.  Sorry 🙂

Since Sophia was out of commission yesterday (slept most of the afternoon), I had an “itch” to try to create her first birthday party invitation using my Photoshop skills.

I’ve been thinking about this monumental/memorable/emotional milestone for the past week and realized, I need to start planning; only 2.5 months til she’s
O-N-E!  oooo-eemmm-ggeeee!!

What’s the theme?
Where’s it going to be?
Who to invite?
What to eat?
Cake design?
and about another 20 questions….

I have to admit, the invite came out picture perfect!!   I was so impressed!  It only took six hours (apparently, I had a  lot of patience) and I had every piece of technology I owe (phone, ipad, and two laptops) opened to my pinterest.. lol!

I don’t want to post the invite on here, just yet…  In the meantime, here are some pictures from my Pinterest that helped get my creative juices flowing.

Can you guess Sophia’s first birthday party’s theme?

Sophia’s birthday is April 10th
BTW- Boogie Wipes are THE BEST, aside from a warm washcloth, of course!  

Hoping my diamond girl gets better soon<3

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