Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We had a bit of a heat wave here in the northeast, so I decided to go with a light top; threw on a blazer jacket and wah-lah!  I always feel a bit more "fancier" or put together when sporting a blazer.     

By the way, this outfit is totally doable with a little one in tow! 

I will so be rocking this in the spring!
Top:  Macy's- Anne Klein 
Pants: Victoria's Secret- Christie Fit (VS has the best "short" lengths)
Blazer: Kohls
Jewelry: Premier Designs (my necklace is simple amazing.. Stay tuned for a "sparkle" post)
Shoes: DSW

 Jake wanted "in" on some camera time!

Monday, January 28, 2013

First Birthday "Itch"

Well, our baby girl is sick, AGAIN!  This time it's a bit different; she's been maintaining a fever for almost two days.  It's anywhere from 99.1 (I know its not a fever but it's high for her) to 102 and she has the nonstop runny nose, little cough, glassy eyes and rosy-red cheeks.

My rosy cheeked girl with her bear <3

We took her to the doctor today and she is coming down with the beginning stages of a virus, ugh!!

I am so fed up with these viruses!! I had three so far since September.

Oh, Andrew's sick, too!  F-U-N!!
After Doc. appointment

Ok.. I'm down whining now.  Sorry :)

Since Sophia was out of commission yesterday (slept most of the afternoon), I had an "itch" to try to create her first birthday party invitation using my Photoshop skills.

I've been thinking about this monumental/memorable/emotional milestone for the past week and realized, I need to start planning; only 2.5 months til she's
O-N-E!  oooo-eemmm-ggeeee!!

What's the theme?
Where's it going to be?
Who to invite?
What to eat?
Cake design?
and about another 20 questions....

I have to admit, the invite came out picture perfect!!   I was so impressed!  It only took six hours (apparently, I had a  lot of patience) and I had every piece of technology I owe (phone, ipad, and two laptops) opened to my pinterest.. lol!

I don't want to post the invite on here, just yet...  In the meantime, here are some pictures from my Pinterest that helped get my creative juices flowing.

Can you guess Sophia's first birthday party's theme?

Sophia's birthday is April 10th

BTW- Boogie Wipes are THE BEST, aside from a warm washcloth, of course!  

Hoping my diamond girl gets better soon<3

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Style me Google and Pinterest, too!

As I was looking through my closet last night to figure out what to wear today, I came across my red blazer jacket.  I bought it for the holidays (awesome deal at Sears) to be "festive" but, I was questioning whether or not red can be worn outside of Xmas and/or Valentine's Day..

So.. I jumped on my ipad and Googled (my stylist) "2013 color trends" and came across Pantone's 2013 Spring/Summer Color Trends.

Check out the video below explaining the colors!

Emerald- Color of the Year!
A co-worker of mine rocked an Emerald sweater today- it looked fab!

I am in love with all of the colors, but I find myself really gravitating towards: Monaco Blue, Emerald, Poppy Red, Grayed Jade and Linen.

Nectarine and African Lavandar, too!

Again, I'm not an expert in fashion, but there are ways to "pull it off" thanks to Google, Pinterest and some great blogs ;)


I did wear my red blazer with a pair of leopard heels..  <3 leopard and red together!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Since Wednesdays are pretty uneventful, I decided to dedicate Wednesdays to accessories and fashion!


WWWW will highlight: Sophia and I, Sophia, or yours truly in what we wore on good ol' hump day!

I can't take all the credit for this cute posting idea. My inspiration comes from another Mommy/lifestyle blog, Ava Grace's Closet.

So, here's my little lady in a warm and comfy ensemble on this frigid day.  I wore my school's anti-bullying T-shirt.  I think you'd be interested in seeing Sophia's outfit over mine :)

Hat- gift
Shirt & Pants- Calvin Klein, xmas gift
Socks- Trumpette

Monday, January 21, 2013

My "Braggy" Mommy Moment.. Warning- Sophia is Amazing!!

After this weekend, I need to have a "braggy mommy" moment.   <--- That's your warning!

Sophia is such a good baby... Like really, she is.  I must have heard it at least a dozen times this weekend alone..  <3 our girl!

I also heard, "Heather, you are so spoiled... I can't imagine your next one to be as good as Sophia."


Fingers crossed that when the next Baby Nikola comes, he/she will take after his/her big sister!   

Let me tell you some of the reasons why I'm sharing my braggy mommy moments:

On Saturday, we attended our weekly music class at Mid-Hudson Music Together which she absolutely loves!  Reason # 1: She has her father's love for music and her mother's rhythm  ;)  I love watching her bop, clap her hands in excitement and pure joy and just smile. It warms my heart.

After music class, we met a friend of mine at Panera Bread, who hasn't yet met Sophia. Reason # 2: Sophia sat in a high chair in Panera for at least an hour and ate her O's (Cheerios), people watched and just hung out.  No fussing.

As I was driving home from Panera, I thought to myself that she is not going to be as well behaved tonight; we had dinner plans with friends of ours to celebrate their engagement at a fancy-smancy, NYC feel restaurant in Poughkeepsie, Brasserie 292. <- highly recommend steak frites and banana tart! OMG, Delish!!!

I warned Andrew before we went out to be prepared to be an "one-man-band." We'll need to entertain and walk around with Sophia so she doesn't fuss, taking turns of course.

I was mentally preparing myself in the car ride over... feeling a bit anxious and honestly thinking about steak frites. Btw- i <3 food.  Weight Watchers.. Riiight, not tonight!

Our reservation was at 5:30 and we left 7:30.

Reason # 3: Sophia did not fuss, whine, cry, or anything! She ate, played with her toys, entertained our server and her Uncle Chris (Owner of B292).  She actually had quite the audience herself; but then again, she is her father's child.

Sophia is such an amazing baby! <- bragging, sorry!

I am kicking myself in the butt for not taking a picture of her being such a well behaved little girl but I was honestly so worried about making sure she was happy and not being "that child" who's screaming, throwing things and just not a happy camper.

I know she will have "that child" moments; I was certainly expecting them at B292.  But, she surprised me as well as our dinner guests.

"She's such a good girl."  Yes, I know!! <- bragging, again!!!

Her amazingness didn't stop there.  I took her grocery shopping with me yesterday morning at Adams. She helped me pick out apples (she loves Honey Crisp) and made sure all my bags were tied; she loves reaching for bags and oopsie, out goes the pears, zucchini and lettuce!

I remembered to take pictures :)

Ok, I'm done bragging now 
Feel free to brag about your little one,  I'd love to hear all about it ;)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Our "Pinterest" of a Home

Welcome to the Pinterest.. I mean, Nikola Home!

I think we can all say that you can have a love-hate relationship with  I absolutely love  being able to search for anything from teaching strategies, Weight Watchers recipes, first birthday party themes (only a few more months), to maternity photo ideas.  It can be is addicting!

hate having those, "OMG, I have to do this" moments because I seriously stop whatever I'm doing, go out and buy whatever supplies needed and "attempt" the project.. Of course, the timing is impeccable because I should be doing so many other important things like vaccuuming, cleaning the house, organizing closets, yada, yada, yada..  damn you Pinterest!! ;)

I want to thank Pinterest for being there for me during Sophia's newborn nightly feedings.. Pinterest and Friends kept me sane, awake..

Here are some of my Pinterest inspired projects/ideas I have done.  Feel free to follow me on Pinterest..

Four Chinese lanterns (I made the bottom one)
"Baby Love" letters..  (dried flowers are from Sophia's baby shower)

Maternity Photo Ideas

I was so proud of myself after completing this project.  I purchased the letters from Hobby Lobby, stained them, and measured the spacing.. Go me!!!
Happy Father's Day!

Favors from Sophia's Baptism
DIY Tutus and headbands

These next two project are my most recent; they were actually Christmas gifts to Andrew and Sophia.   I think this is just an adorable way to say, "i love you."
I took the same concept and created a frame for Sophia.. She obviously can't read it but we read it to her.. Plus it is a constant reminder to always tell her how much we love her!!

Happy Pinning! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Day!!

Here's a highlight of our snow day!!

 She's pulling herself up onto EVERYTHING!!

Her new face!  

Here's my Big Buddha Scarf from Macy's!  I absolutely love it!  It couldn't get a great picture to capture its detail.  It's black with a gold shimmer and a beautiful floral design. <3 <3 <3 it!   Was $28.00, got it for $19.60! 
Shirt- Gap
                       Pants- Forever 21
Boots- Kohl's, Lauren Conrad (love her line)
Watch & Bangle- Premier Designs 

Our first born, Jake!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pump, Pump, Pump it Up!

Literally, that's all I'm doing since Sophia decided she's a "big girl" now.  No more nursing for her!  

Yah, for her!

 Tears, sobs, for mommy!  

I can't begin to tell you what an emotional rollercoaster this was for me.

It started a few days after Christmas; Sophia was pushing me away during her nightly feeding time.  I just figured she wasn't hungry or maybe her teeth were bothering her, so I put her in her crib and off to sleep she went.

The following morning, same thing!  Pushing me away and now a bit of whining.  Again, I thought maybe her teeth were bothering her, so I made a bottle and she sucked down eight ounces in minutes.

Still, wasn't thinking anything of it.

As her mid-day feeding time approached, I wondered if she'll be interested in nursing.  As we made our way to "our chair" in her nursery, it started as soon as I sat down, the pushing and whining.  

As this was happening, I started to rack my brain to figure out. "What did I do for her to not want me?"

I did:

Tell her "No!" when she wanted to "take a bite"- Sign # 1
Notice she had to "suck" a bit harder, recently- Sign # 2
Notice although she was intersted in nursing, as soon as she heard anything, she'd look to see what was going on- Sign # 3

Even though I realized the thoughts above, I didn't think these were "the signs" of her saying, "No thanks, Mommy, I'm a big girl now."

At this point, I started to freak-out and beat myself up.  I was on the computer for hours Googling for answers.  I came across what is called a "Nursing Strike."

What is a nursing strike?

A baby who refuses to breastfeed (and is not in the process of being weaned) is said to be on a "nursing strike." A nursing strike is your baby's way of telling you that something's wrong. And it'll probably take a little detective work to figure out the problem.

What is wrong with my baby?!!?   Tears are now welling up!  
I went through all the possible causes: I took her to her pediatrician hoping for an answer.  Although Sophia was perfectly healthy; no ear or throat infection, no teeth making their way in, I still wanted an answer!!!
I called the breastfeeding center at the hospital where I delivered Sophia, Center for Breastfeeding at Vassar Brothers Medical Center.   The lactation consultant confirmed that it sounds like a nursing strike.  She recommended lots of skin-to-skin contact (check), drink from a sippy cup (check), nurse in a room with minimal distractions (check), nurse in a rocking chair (check), nurse when baby is very sleepy or wake up baby to nurse (check), bathe with baby (check), pump like crazy(every 3-4 hours) to get my milk supply up again (check). 

Sophia still didn't want anything to do with me!  
I turned to the internet, again, and kept coming across:
"It's easy to jump to the conclusion that a baby who doesn't want to nurse is weaning himself. But it's unlikely that a baby under a year old who has been successfully breastfeeding is ready to give up nursing"-

Sophia was just about nine months old when this started... What did I do wrong?  She shouldn't be ready to wean.. what did I do?
I asked a few of my friends who are/did nursing.  None of them went through a "nursing strike" lasting over a few days. 
While talking to a mommy whose daughter goes to daycare with Sophia, she put the bug in my ear, "Yah for Sophia.. She's weaning herself.. She's growing up..." I didn't even consider this.. I didn't even know babies could/would wean themselves.  I always had the idea in my head, "Sophia will stop nursing when I'm ready to give it up."  My, my.. how selfish am I?
I also turned to a mommy group that I follow on Facebook, The Mommy Dash, and asked one of the creators if she could post my situation so I could hear from other mommies; I wanted to know if other babies weaned themselves before the age of one.    She posted it immediately and also informed me she went through the same thing with her daughter at nine months.  She felt "heartbroken."

Heartbroken?  Yes, I could attest to this.  You could also throw in frustrated, ashamed and embarrassed.  But heartbroken nails it; after nine months of nursing my baby girl and having this "special bond" with her, it suddenly came to a stop.  
To my surprise, quite a few mommies replied that their babies did wean themselves before their first birthday.

Maybe I didn't do anything wrong?
After a frustrating week of being pushed away and on the verge of an emotional break, I decided to head to my OB.  Poor Andrew, he took the brunt of it.  I knew I was a hormonal mess but was it due to this "nursing strike" or was there something else?
As soon as my doctor entered the room, the tears started and they wouldn't stop!  I kept telling her I'm sorry for being such a mess but all she did was offer me tissues and reassured me all of this was normal.  
"She's growing up.... and daughters have a way with being mean to their mommies sometimes.." I laughed.  She went on to tell me that her three year old daughter just told her yesterday, "Mommy, I don't like you."  Poor Dr. R.. She just about had tears in her eyes!  
Of course babies don't know what they are saying/doing at that age, but words and actions certainly leave a mark!
After spending a few minutes talking with her, I began to feel a bit better.  She said my hormones are changing due to Sophia not "needing" as much milk since she's eating solids (sign # 4). This could continue for "quite a while."  
Quite a while? I certainly hope not. At least for Andrew's sake :)
The next few days I continued to offer Sophia the opportunity to nurse, but she refused.   As time went on, I started to finally accept that my baby girl has reached a milestone and is growing up.  She wants to drink from a bottle so she can be nosey and know what's going on, just like her mommy. 
Sure it's a bit of an inconvenience for me since I have to resort to pumping every few hours, but it's something I signed up for when I gave birth to Sophia.  I said I would breastfeed her up to her first birthday... and I'm sticking to it... Less than three months to go!

As I think back throughout this emotional rollercoaster, I learned so much about myself as a breastfeeding mommy and about breastfeeding in general:
Lesson One: It's not about Me and I did nothing wrong..  I can't help but think about how selfish I sounded. "I'm not ready for Sophia to stop nursing."  Silly, silly me!  
Lesson Two: Don't believe everything you read.. This really took its toll on me.  I beat myself up thinking I did something wrong since, 
"it is unlikely that a baby under a year old who has been successfully breastfeeding is ready to give up nursing"-  
Thank you to all the mommies on The Mommy Dash who shared their responses and to my mommy friends who helped support me through this difficult time.  It was such a relief hearing babies younger than the age of one weaned themselves.
Lesson Three: Don't get too comfortable.  I have to admit, I am a fan of change but sometimes, it's a difficult transition.  After nine months, Sophia needed to change things up.. and that she did! 

I'm sure after reading this you realized how personal and "heavy" this experience was for me. One of the reasons why I created is so I can share my experiences with the hopes other mommies can learn, relate or even find comfort knowing someone else has gone through a similar situation.

Here's Sophia enjoying her bottle with Jake by her side.  

Thanks for reading, feel free to share your thoughts or questions :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"One Day Sale" Success!

As stated in my New Year's Resolutions.. Kinda post, I am going to try to shop for my clothes whenever I have coupons or during sales.  So, on Saturday I decided to give it a whirl.  Sophia and I ventured into Macy's for its "One Day Sale." 

Not only was I shopping during a sale but I also had $100 in gift cards!  Score!!!!

My goal= DO NOT SPEND OVER $100.

After two hours of rummaging through sale racks, two trips to the dressing room, searching for the beloved "Sophie" that Sophia dropped in our travels, and feeding her lunch in the Michael Kors section, I ended up spending $98.29 on three shirts and one scarf! 

Multitasking at its finest.. Shopping while feeding my little lady<3

Check out the outfit I wore today.  The shirt is one of my purchases.  It was originally priced at $54.00.  I only paid, $21.60!!   Wooohooo!!

*I saw another blogger post pictures of herself like this- I'm giving it a shot.. you can make fun if you'd like.. I grant you permission ;) 

Shirt: Macy's, Style&Co.
Pants: Victoria's Secret, Christy Fit
Belt: Target
Pumps: DSW
Bangle: Premier Designs
Watch: Movado
Necklace: Family heirloom
Ring: David Yurman
Modeling my pumps on Jake & Linc's doggie steps!

I'm planning to wear another one of my purchases tomorrow- a beautiful scarf by Big Buddha..Pics to follow :)