Saturday, December 28, 2013

Making Room for Baby!

Heya mamas!!  I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!  Ours was so memorable... it's hard to believe it's all over :(

I want to update all of you lovely readers on a few things-
1. We decided on a name for our baby boy. This was our first choice for a boys name when we were expecting Sophia..

"Brayden 'Brady' Vincent."

Isn't it great?   A nice strong name!  I fell in love with the name Brayden a few years ago when Andrew had a student whose sibling's name is Brayden... Then Andrew had another student name Braeden and he was called, "Brady".. Ah! I love it!

Vincent is my grandfather's name so we're keeping it in the family.

2. I just hit 21 weeks which means:
-I have 19 weeks and 6 days to get Brayden's nursery settled, even though I know he won't be sleeping in it for a few months after he's born.
-I have 4 more weeks to get Sophia's new room decorated and ready for her!

As far as Brady's nursery, I am not sure what theme I'm going for.  I've been searching Pinterest for some Inspiration and I came across a few ideas.. nothing that I love, just yet..

Love the color combo
Old School baseball theme

Again, blue and green combo

As far as Sophia's new room goes..if you follow me on Facebook, you can see she LOVES "Mim-mi" aka Minnie Mouse.  We are decking her new room out in Minnie!!   I even bought Disney's "Minnie Mouse" paint at Walmart so the colors should be exact!  Here's some inspiration behind her Minnie Mouse themed room..
Sophia's Bowtique!

We are hoping to paint her room within the next few days.. I'll keep you posted with the before and after photos!

Does your toddler's room have a theme?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gender Reveal Details!!

Here are some pictures of our "Gender Reveal" party for Baby Nikola!

Food table including my "favorites/cravings"
Chicken Salad sandwiches, pasta salad,  fruit and more!

So most of the old wives tales pointed to "Girl"
Brayden and Gianna won for top names!

 Here are some pictures of the party..

We Skyped with Andrew's family in Cali. throughout the party!

The party was perfect!  We are so blessed with amazing family and friends who came to share this special moment with us.  We are excited to prepare for our little boy <3 

 For video of Sophia opening Gender Reveal box, check out our Facebook page,

By the way, Andrew was the only one who knew the baby's gender!  He kept it from me for 6 days :) 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Holidays from Born to Wear Diamonds!

We here at Born to Wear Diamonds Blog hope your holiday season is filled with love, happiness, and good health!
Photos taken by EID Photography

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gender Reveal Invite!

Here is the invite to Baby Nikola's gender reveal party!!  What do you think?
 (for those of you who don't know- Andrew (the hubs) has his own DJ company, Enriquez Entertainment.. So that's where the "headphones" comes in..)

Sophia will be announcing whether she has a baby brother or sister on the way by...

As of right now, Andrew will be the. only. one. who knows the gender.  He "needs" to know the day the ultrasound is done.  I, on the other hand, plan to wait until the party for the surprise..Hopefully I don't cave!

Here is some more inspiration for the party...


Did you have a gender reveal party for your little one?  Ever been to one?  Feel free to share your advice; I'd love to hear it!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sophia's going to be a big sister!

If you haven't already heard...
 Sophia's going to be a big sister!!!!  Yay!!!!
 Baby Nikola #2 is due May 10th, 2014.
Sooo... Let's talk about my second round of being pregnant.  I'm 14 weeks to be exact! 

Let's start off with how I "found out" I was pregnant because believe me, I didn't think I!

It was in late August and I felt all my symptoms of my monthly friend coming on.. I had terrible back pain and cramps < Hint # 1.  One night I became super hungry- stomach growling and everything!  So I decided to munch on two Oreo's and almost immediately I became nauseous < Hint # 3.  I still didn't think anything of it until the next day.  Andrew and I were supposed to go out to a bar with some friends and I decided that maybe I should take a pregnancy test.. Just to play it safe since I was planning to have a few drinks at the bar. Two tests later, I had myself two pink lines! DING, DING, DING!  I told Andrew immediately.  He then grabbed Sophia, spun her around and said, "You're going to be a big sister!" <-a memory I will never forget..

I felt pretty good up until 7 weeks, THEN all the first trimester FUN started..
Nausea- All day
Hungry-All the time
Exhaustion- 3:01 PM
Moodiness (ask

I felt these symptoms were worse the second time around.

At 10 weeks I had to start wearing maternity pants..  I couldn't do the muffin top anymore.  Plus, I happen to love my prego pants. They are so comfy!

12 weeks- 3:00 AM bathroom visits start as well as a little baby bump.  People at work were giving me "the look."  I couldn't hide it anymore.. lol.

14 weeks- Today I feel like I finally have more energy and the nausea is not as bad.  It's worse on the weekends which is probably because I'm not working.  Back pain and pelvic pressure has started already- this is something I do not miss!

14 Weeks today!
During my last pregnancy, I developed an inguinal hernia.  It did not bother me until the end of my last pregnancy but this time around, it is already painful.  Anyone else develop an hernia?  How did you deal with the uncomfort?

So that's my pregnancy/ first trimester story!!  I plan to share so much more with you and turn to you for some guidance and advice.  I want to thank you all for the well wishes and thoughtfulness!  My Born to Wear Diamonds readers have such a special place in my heart <3

Pictures by the amazing Katie Lewin Photography!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The perfect gift!

Why hello everyone!!  Do you remember me?!   :)

I need to share with you all a little epiphany I had over the last few days which resulted in the most perfect gift idea for any one-three year old child.

Are you ready?!

A Doctor's Kit/Bag!!!!!
My reasoning?

We took Sophia to her 18 month appointment this week and my lord... the child was not feeling it.  Screaming and crying while being weighed which is soooo not like her.  The nurse said it's "the age" but she was pulling a total 360 from the last time she was there.

After talking to her doctor, she said it's not a bad idea to buy her a play doctor's kit so she can become familiar with some of the tools that are used in the office.   So when it's time to listen to her heartbeat, she won't freak out when the stethoscope is touching her chest.  Her doctor also mentioned that the Disney Junior show, Doc McStuffins has "saved her" because the show helps children understand that going to the doctor is a good thing helps relieve the anxiety of seeing a doctor.

As I was taking this all in, I was in awe because
A- She is so right
B- A doctor's bag is a brilliant gift idea!!

So, Sophia will receive a Doctor's Bag/Kit as a Christmas gift this year and some of her friends will receive one for their upcoming birthdays!!

* If you search on Amazon, there are multiple doctor kits available to purchase, starting at the recommended age of two. 

Now isn't that a perfect gift idea?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

A friend of ours grew his own pumpkin patch this 
year and my Dad wanted to bring Sophia to it to snap some pictures. I didn't object to a photo op! 

She sure loves Fall- apples and pumpkins!

Friday, September 27, 2013

The new Denim

Just a quick fashion alert!

Investing in anything leather/leather-ish is a MUST this fall and winter season!!  Target has a great selection of "leather-ish" clothes and accessories.  I'm eying a jacket at the moment ;)

Quick side note- Every time I think of leather pants, I think of that episode of Friends with Ross and his leather pants!!!  Remember this?!?